The Neshama Foundation
Shaimos Project

Shaimos refers to objects that were in the past used for a holy purpose. 
When no longer in use, these items remain holy and require special disposal.

Shaimos box or geniza is a storage solution for collecting these holy articles until then are ready for burial.

Is it shaimos?

The following is a list, in order of importance, of
items which are classified as shaimos:

Words of Torah:

  • Chumashim, Gemarot, commentaries of the Sages.
  • Torah articles that are distributed weekly
  • Anything with a pasuk (Biblical verse) including wedding and bar/bat mitzvah invitations or greeting cards which have entire pesukim
  • Book cover that is removed from a holy book, or other parts of a holy book

Holy Objects:

  • Tefillin straps, covers, and bags
  • Mezuzah wrappings and casings
  • Torah mantels and sashes

Holy Writings:

  • Handwritten parchments such as Tefillin, Mezuzot, and Megillah scrolls.
    Please double wrap these items in plastic before placing in the shaimos box.
It is not respectful to include with shaimos, articles which do not belong there, thereby causing holy objects to be buried together with mundane items.

$36 per box of Shaimos

(Small Home Depot sized box (17x11x11”) OR use one of our provided boxes.)

If you are not sure if something is shaimos please consult your rabbi or feel free to contact us.

For pickup or drop off,
please contact us