Fighting the ashes with fiery passion

Proper Jewish burial is an age-old process which has been sanctified and preserved for thousands of years.
Cremation is a traumatic procedure that is in violation of halacha (Jewish law) and has devastating eternal ramifications on the soul. 


Unfortunately, the number of Jewish cremations has increased in recent years.

Today, a shocking
of Jewish people opt to destroy their bodies after death.
We are here to reverse that trend.

Our mission

The Neshama Foundation ensures that every Jew—regardless of financial means, circumstances, and affiliation—receives a proper Jewish burial.

We offer financial assistance, end-of-life education, and personalized guidance to prevent cremation and grant each Jew their final respects. 

Meet the volunteers
combating the rise of cremation

Yerucham Kopelman


Rabbi Kopelman has served the South Florida Jewish community for over 42 years. His extensive experience and vast, intricate knowledge of Jewish funerals and burials have made him an authority for Jewish burial needs. 

In 2017, after witnessing the cataclysmic numbers of Jews being cremated, Rabbi Kopelman founded The Neshama Foundation. Rabbi Kopelman leads with warmth and genuine care for every Jew.

Ben Lutz


Ben is a Neshama Foundation lead volunteer, member of the Chevra Kadisha, and passionate advocate in helping Jews receive a dignified burial. 

Inspired by his family’s heavy involvement in Jewish after-life care, Ben has made it his mission to educate, support, and guide Jews towards choosing proper burials. 

Our team is under the halachic guidance of Rabbi Elchonon Zohn and is composed of passionate volunteers who give freely of themselves. These individuals drop everything at a moment’s notice to assist a fellow Jew and grant them their last respects solely because of their love for their brothers and sisters.

The Neshama Foundation
has no one on payroll.

That means 100% of every donation goes directly to meis mitzvah.