It takes a village to save a soul

Bringing Jewish people to kevuras Yisroel is a collective responsibility.

Every person buried according to halacha is a soul saved, a legacy preserved, and an eternity safeguarded.

What wouldn’t you do for your brother?

We don’t let financial concerns get in the way.
We don’t let misinformation guide devastating decisions.

And we don’t turn anyone away. 

We have our work cut out for us. And we can’t do it alone. 

There are no Neshama Foundation employees; there are only volunteers. We have zero overhead costs, so every dollar you donate goes directly to saving a soul.

Thanks to givers like you,
we’ve made real change

The fact

The Neshama Foundation impact

50% of Jews are choosing cremation
1,750 cremations prevented
The average Jewish funeral and burial costs $10,000
$250,000 financial subsidies distributed annually for meis mitzvah
700+ meis mitzvah opportunities nationally
5,000+ meis mitzvah burials arranged to date

Other ways to
join the revolution

The Neshama Foundation is always looking for passionate individuals to help out with meis mitzvah arrangements.

To get involved, submit your information below and we’ll inform you of meis mitzvah opportunities.