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Visiting a House of Mourning is not an easy task. The atmosphere in the home is heavy and sad and it is difficult to know when and what to say. Zalmy Goldstein explains this difficult yet great task of comforting the mourners.

This Aish article goes through the basics of Jewish tradition on death and mourning. Mrs Lori Palatnick sheds light on coping with the emotional and spiritual issues of this difficult time.

The Best-Kept Jewish Secret: The Jewish Burial Society - Chevra Kadisha

One woman's account of what it is like to be a part of the special group - the Chevra Kadisha. Explaining their job in a beautiful way, Lieba Rudolph goes through how when doing a taharah on a Jewish body, whether it lived a religious life or not, is the same for all. 

Peaceful Return is all about showing the goodness of a traditional Jewish burial. Read this article if you are debating burial vs cremation.

Articles from Peaceful Return | Peaceful Return

Here is a list of articles from the organization Peaceful Return. From Kadish to cremation, these articles are very enlightening.

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