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Our Mission

The Neshama Foundation was founded in 2016 with the leadership of Yerucham Kopelman along with other concerned community members. Over the past 35 years they have seen first-hand the need for a program that helped families when they lost a loved one.


The Foundation’s purpose is to inspire and educate every Jew to understand the value of a Jewish burial, and to provide aid to ensure that each Jewish person can receive a proper burial in accordance with Jewish law and tradition.


In recent years, the rate of cremation among the American Jewish population has reached alarming rates. More than 40% of Jewish people are being cremated instead of being buried according to Jewish tradition. This is compounded by the local funeral home options, who although identifying as Jewish, sell services that directly contradict Jewish law and custom.


In addition to stopping cremations, The Foundation has set up programs to provide financial assistance, grief counseling, and community outreach and education programs.


If anyone in your community is going through the pain of losing a loved one, please do not hesitate to contact us. One phone call can make a difference.  


The Neshama Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization.

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